Only a few of us remember what it was like to buy plane tickets before the internet, as well as how one would plan a whole vacation with various stops along the way. Now there are more easier ways, such as online flight planners.

Calling a travel agency or scheduling a meeting to organize and purchase your tickets was the norm, but now you have it all in your pocket with just a click. Smart algorithms and user-friendly layouts are how today’s travel agencies work, and this is where we all get to enjoy the best deals and optimize our flying plans.

You probably have already used an online flight planner before and will again since it’s the prime way to book a flight, especially when you need to use connections. Since each of them has its own benefits, we have prepared a list of the top 5 online flight planners you should use.

TOP 5 online flight planners you should use


Kiwi has made a name for itself and it’s no surprise why. Kiwi allows users to combine flights and ground transportation from more than 800 operators, including many that don’t normally cooperate with each other. This gives Kiwi the ability to provide customers with cheap flights that other search engines simply cannot see or offer. Kiwi will always search for the cheapest route, regardless of codeshares, and offer a flight guarantee for unprotected flight routes.

So no matter where you’re going, you will be covered — and if you have a change of heart, you can always check on Kiwi’s flight refunds!

Another great feature for those with wanderlust but who don’t necessarily know exactly where to go is searching flights by regions, instead of specific cities. Kiwi also allows you to search for flights with no specific dates, a set range of dates, or a specific duration. You can also use’s “nomad” tool to book the cheapest possible multi-city trip. There are features for everyone on Kiwi, which explains its popularity and success.



  1. Flexible
  2. Easy to change currency
  3. Price alert option

When talking about the pioneers of online flight planners Skyscanner always takes the lead. With over 20 years of experience and a sizable presence in this market, its trustworthiness is self-explanatory.

Skyscanner is free and can be used to find the cheapest deal for a desired route, then users are automatically transferred to the airline or travel supplier’s website to make their booking directly. This way you can ensure flying with the same airline company or its partners which, if you are part of an airline loyalty program, can be beneficial. Skyscanner operates worldwide and offers flight searches in over 30 languages!

Google flights – one of the best flight planners you should use

1. Search entire continents

2. Carry-on baggage policies at a glance

By now we all know that when it comes to information on the internet as well as data, Google is the undisputed champion, and seems like it always will be.

Unsurprisingly enough, this also why Google flights is among the best options for booking flights, since we most likely searched for our desired route on Google first, then found an online flight agency anyway. Google flights offers a very simple and efficient layout for you to book tickets for all sorts of transport and will keep you up to date with alerts since it can even predict delays.

Its easy-to-use layout and handy information on legroom and amenities onboard make it one of the easiest and most hassle-free ways to book your next adventure.

This is one of the online flight planners you should use, and if you don’t know where that adventure will take you, try your luck by randomly choosing a destination by leaving the destination field blank.


If you haven’t heard of Trivago then it’s most likely because you don’t spend any time watching network tv. Their classy commercials have re-ignited the travel flame in millions of people and hopefully will keep doing so.

Trivago works like a charm! Just like the rest of the options we have mentioned, Trivago will compare prices from other online travel agencies. So you won’t even have to search on their platforms, as Trivago does it for you. This also makes Trivago a market platform where everyone can increase their exposure and sales by giving the Hotels a chance to pop up in the search list based on their filters. Their dedication to inspiring traveling is also seen in their Trivago Magazine, which is readily available online for everyone.

So even if you are not convinced to use Trivago for booking, you can at least let them inspire the destination.

This list would not be complete without the biggest of them all: is the full package when it comes to organizing your travels.

With options to book flights, hotels, car rentals, attractions, and even make dinner reservations through Open Table, this planner has it all. You will be able to combine your flights with any other sort of accommodation or transportation you will ever need and with their constant upgrades of the user experience, it is safe to say that will fulfill all the requirements to ensure your travels will go smoothly.

Some of you might already have your favourite and go to flight searcher but next time take a quick moment to think about what your needs are and then pick the best match of this list of the best online flight planners you should use. We cannot recommend them highly enough — in this modern-day and age, booking a vacation is an effortless task.

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