Learning online has drastically evolved and changed the face of modern education. Today, more and more businesses and individuals are launching online courses and there are thousands of online courses where you can learn anything you like. But today we’re talking about one, in particular, E-courses4you is a platform for online courses that offers every learning material you can imagine.

How does it work

E-courses4you has been around for many years, with 45 years of sales experience and 18 years of e-learning expertise.

All of the courses provided by the platform are supported by their instructors and founders and they also have a customer service team that can help you with any doubts on hand 9:30 am – 5:30 pm Monday to Friday.

To start learning you just have to create an account and look for the course that fits you the most. They have plenty of categories from Career&Bussiness Skills to Children’s Education.

If you already booked a course and you’re not sure about it or want to cancel it, you just need to write the customer service within the 14 days period then it will be fully granted. In the event of a refund, an administration fee of £79+VAT will be charged. If you have accessed or redeemed the course, they cannot grant a refund.

This platform for online courses is led by experts in their field (for example, their e-science programme was developed by an ex-Professor at Stanford who used to work with NASA), plus they include some celebrities as Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins and Stephen Covey!

A platform with dozens of courses & bundles

If you don’t have enough time to spend many hours learning online on a platform for online courses, in this platform for online courses, they have a categorie of short courses for just £10.95 (12.99€), cheap isn’t it?

Short courses

You can learn how to use Adobe Illustrator CC to produce stunning visuals for development and combine it with the course of App Icons which teaches how to create a clean and elegant launcher app icon for IOS and Android!

Course Bundles

If you feel like doing an extended one that’s gonna help to your career and CV then go to the categorie of Course Bundles, where you can find courses like this one about Microsoft Office where you will be able to boast about your incredible knowledge of the software in interviews!

Or if you rather to learn how to properly code websites and mobile apps then this is the perfect bundle for you.

Cyber Security Bundles

E-courses for you is not only a platform for online courses, but also forCyber Security Bundles! With CASP Certification that covers a range of topics including software vulnerability, integrating cloud and virtualisation techniques, risk analysis, and much more.

You can choose between 2 courses about Ethical Hacking or the COMPTIA CYBER SECURITY BUNDLE where you will cover the technical skills and knowledge that are required to design, conceptualise, and engineer secure solutions.

Other courses

There are plenty other courses where to choose for, don’t worry, they have a searcher where you can search from A to Z, and if not there are many different categories where you can find the perfect one, like Project Management, Marketing, Hobbies and Lifestyle.. and many more!

They have now some offers for courses like this one about Digital Marketing where you can grow your businesses/clients page likes, account following, and gain better post engagement as well as find new customers that will drive your brand and income to new heights!

All of the courses come with a certificate that you will be able to show in your interviews or CV and also once you start it you will get unlimited access for a year.

If you are still not sure about this platform for online courses and want to explore some others, don’t miss this post about some of the competences.

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