Being a copywriter might sound like an easy job, however, it takes more time than we can imagine and needs some organization and management while you start putting your words on the sheet. Luckily today it is possible to find a wide variety of applications, paid and free, that help boost and optimize productivity.Timesavers are good for saving hours of your work, but today we’re talking about the top 5 apps for copywriters.

Grammarly – One of the best apps for copywriters

Editing and proofreading are some of the most complex parts of many writers’ jobs. For non-native English writers, the reason is obvious: even if they know the language well enough, they may still fear missing a certain mistake.

Luckily Grammarly is one of the best apps for copywriters because offers you grammar, punctuation, and spelling corrections along with some styling suggestions for your writing.

It works pretty simply: just need to paste the text of your cause-effect essay into the empty Grammarly box and it will start correcting it. All errors are highlighted in red – if you hover over them, you will see the pop-up appear immediately (even without clicking the error). The pop-up window offers possible bug fixes. In the free version you also have two additional options below: “more” and “ignore”. If you click “more”, you can read the description of the error, followed by examples and rules. Then you can decide if it is a mistake you want to correct or not, and if you do not want to correct it, just click “ignore”.

There are 2 options, for free or premium. The free one and gives you grammar, punctuation, and spelling corrections along with some styling suggestions. The premium costs around $12.95 per month and offers extended options such as a deeper review, plagiarism check, and the ability to detect words that were used too frequently in the text.

Main Benefits

  • Online tool
  • Google Chrome extension
  • Desktop app and phone app


Evernote continues to be one of the best apps for copywriters, thanks to all the features it has. It allows you to take notes, voice podcast, save entire web pages and create shared folders. It is available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS and also has a browser version.

If you like to write text handwritten, that’s not a problem with Evernote, as you can scan any document and take all your important documents with you when and where you need them: medical and insurance documents, ID cards, product and warranty information, and much more…

You can save your notes automatically synced across all your devices, it is designed in a way that the notes include images and documents, so it integrates them perfectly into the notes, even allowing them to be edited easily to include texts and annotations on them using the Skitch engine.

Evernote allows you to add notes from several other sources, the first the Web Clipper wich allows us to add websites to our Evernote with two clicks, then also highlight that Evernote offers you an email address to which you can forward emails you want to save and its immense compatibility with IFTTT.

There is a tool called Workchat that allows you to talk with colleagues and share information, create notes and notebooks for sharing. And it is also a conference presentation tool, in its paid versions that allows a clear display of the specific note to present at a meeting or meeting.

There is a free version which is a little bit limited, but the prices are very cheap and you can suscribe as a personal account or professional, depending on your interests.

Main benefits

  • Availabale in any device where you can connect it
  • Evernote Web Clipper lets you save and annotate web pages, images, and PDF files.
  • It works with the apps you trust, including: Google Drive, Slack, Outlook, MS Teams, Zapier, and Gmail.

Yoast Seo SEO plugin for coppywriters

Yoast Seo is not an app for copywriters, but is a plugin (especially famous for WordPress), that helps copywriters to have the best SEO standards, and gives you the tools to optimize your content.

There are two options: the free version and another one which cost around 89€ for the whole year. With both of them, you will be able to optimize your keywords.

Although this plugin was born as a plugin for WordPress, its efficiency and popularity led its developers to make other extensions such as Magento, Neos, Typo3…

Main benefits

  • Flesh Reading Ease
  • Gives you suggestions for links to other pages on your website
  • Helps detect duplicate content


If you don’t know it yet, Copy.Ai is such a good app for copywriters as it works as a headline generator and as a copywriting generator. Its tools are focused on the development of articles with a persuasive style or for sales. It is an online platform that only requires filling out a small template with product information.

There’s a paid version for around 35$ and if you’re not sure you can always try the 7 days trial for free.

Main benefits

  • It works as a generator of eye-catching titles, sales articles, social media ads, meta descriptions, and emails.
  • Creates multiple options for an introduction to a topic with different approaches.
  • It has an intuitive platform and it is extremely easy even for those who have no experience with a copywriter.

Gadgets for copywriters

Writing sounds like an inexpensive hobby. After all, most of us can write with little more than a pen and paper, however, the right technology and apps can make your job easier and more enjoyable.

If you want to maximize your productivity, with the Wireless Mechanical Keyboard you will be able to write for as many hours as you like and don’t feel tired about it. It has a slightly curved key and the arc and slope fit your hands easily ergonomics keyboard design, remitting typing fatigue and carpal tunnel pain.

Speaking of pens, plenty of writers are going all-out digital.  Digital pens contain software.

Not just apps for copywriters, but also technology, The 2-in-1 touch screen pen is particularly suitable for tapping and scrolling to keep your touch screen device away from fingerprints and fingerprint smudge. It provides better flexibility and accuracy for your writing and drawing.

We talked about apps and gadgets for copywriters, however, you might feel that you need to give a boost to your copywriting skills, this course,The Complete Copywriting Course : Write to Sell Like a Pro is a complete guide to learn how to become a copywriter. With 50,000+ students, a consistent rating of 4.6 out of 5-star reviews and THOUSANDS of 5-star reviews…Give it a chance!

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