Private island for sale and even cheap? This is the reality. The popularity of private islands has reached even more when covid 19 came to our planet. More and more people prefer to live outside big cities or in a secluded house. But some of them go even further and they are buying yachts and islands. Well, it is much cheaper to buy an island than a liveable boat for a family.

Owning an island gets you out of the crowd. Many people own a villa in the mountains or an apartment by the sea, but a private island is exclusive. At the same time, How about waking up an adventurer and buying your own island paradise? Imagine the peace and relaxation on your private island somewhere in the Caribbean, where only you and your loved ones are. No one disturbs you, you have beaches just for yourself, and you can enjoy well-deserved recreation. In an increasingly crowded and hectic world, this idea sounds very lucrative. Sole let’s check options and check if there is a private island for sale and cheap just for you.

Cheap Private Island for Sale

Chandler Island

Area – 4000 square meters
Price – around $35 000

This cute island is in the US state of Maine, and if you buy it, it’s true. You won’t get much. You will have some grass on the rocky floor and one wooden gazebo. You won’t find anything else here, but again you will be able to tell your friends that you have a private island where epic parties can be held. And you can then sleep under a canopy. This is really cheap private island for sale.

Morans Island

Area – 16 000 square meters
Price – around $55 000

Another wooded cheap private island for sale is located a short distance from New Brunswick, Canada. They say that when you cross the water, you can get quickly on public transport buses and you are back in civilization in ten minutes. In other words, a great place to build a cottage. You also get your own access to the water, and whales occasionally roam the island.

Kastwaei Island

Area – 3 200 square meters
Price – $200 000

Now we are getting to a slightly higher price level, but what are we going to talk about – giving $200 000 does not give you so many options to buy a fancy home in the US or Europe. Instead, you could easily have this cute island in Vanuatu in Oceania. It is not a big island, but the forest in the middle is surrounded by beaches, and there are also beautiful water cliffs all around. So is this private island for sale still cheap for you?

Lark Caye – cheap carribean private island for sale

Area – 8 900 square meters
Price – $230 000

Do you want the island in Belize? It’s not a problem, and it’s not that expensive fun either. At present, it is only an overgrown piece of land, but if you do something with it and cultivate it, it could be a luxurious place of love. The island is a fifteen-minute boat ride from the village of Placencia. Real estate agents point out that mobile signal reception even works here. There are sandy beaches and a natural dock. In addition, there is a coral reef in the water. I consider this carribean private island for sale to be really cheap.

What should you know before you buy your private island

Where to find private islands for sale

Several real estate agencies sell private islands either entirely or at least marginally. It is more advantageous to focus on companies that address the real estate market with cheap private islands for sale globally. Almost all the islands currently on offer can be found online and can be sorted according to various criteria. Still, it is always a good idea to contact a broker who may have hidden exclusive pieces for lucrative clients

How to choose a private island

It all depends on the taste of the buyer. If you want a tropical paradise, you will probably visit the Maldives or the Caribbean. If you are looking for a quiet rest near the lake, you will look for islands around American Michigan, in Canada, or in the northern countries of Europe. But, first, you should decide which part of the world suits you best and what you expect from the cheap private island for sale.

Another critical parameter is the size of the island. These factors are also related to what the acquirer wants to do on the island – whether it will serve only for its needs or use it commercially. Finally, it is also necessary to consider how far the island should be from civilization and how much shipping is developed around it. This is mainly due to the availability of health care or transport to the island.

Private islands are a bit more limited in access than land-based property, so it’s always a good idea to check at the outset how long it will take to travel to the island. The future owner of the island must also think about the infrastructure. Deserted islands are unlikely to have access to essential services such as electricity, water, and waste.

For living on the island to be really comfortable, it is necessary to invest, for example, in a solar system or generator. In addition, a unique purification system should also be available to produce drinking water from seawater and rainwater.

I hope now it is clear that even you can buy your private paradise on Earth. Yes, and it could be a private island for sale and you can afford the cheap one.

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