It seems like our society has been pushed to be super productive. Our lives started to be so fast, and we feel overwhelmed so often nowadays. So I found some good time savers for you. You can literally save hours per week with these useful tips and apps. I divide it into two categories Work and leisure time savers.

Grammarly – grammar checker

Yes, everybody has to write emails at work or at least respond to messages from their boss. I think you remember the situation when you finished an email and you are trying to go through it one more time and check your grammar. I bet you still overlook some of your mistakes.

You do not have to spend your time for another reading of your email when you use GRAMMARLY. This grammar checker shows you all mistakes just when you are typing the text so you can fix your grammar immediately. This means you do not have to go back and spend another 5 minutes checking your response to your boss. This app is one of the best time savers you can use today.

Monday Team Management

Are you working in a team? Then you should use some app for your tasks and team management. This app should not be complicated because the main goal is to save some time and make a group workflow smoother. MONDAY is a perfect app that combines options for a smaller or bigger team and offers perfect customization. This perfect time saver does not help just project managers but also helps other teammates to have an overview of the project and see what are others doing. It offers also a mobile app so you do not have to open your LapTop to see your daily tasks.

Spark email Client

Apple email client and Microsoft Outlook does not fit anyone who has to manage more inboxes. Spark email client is one of the best options according to competitors. This tool offers you advanced options for customization and auto-replies. Your inboxes are is to migrate to your other devices, because of Spark. It perfectly works with Apple and Android environments. This mail client should belong to one of your time savers.

Slack Company Messenger

When you prefer a company messenger to email communication you should try Slack app. Nowadays the younger generation prefers to communicate by messengers. Emails are so boring and it takes more time to write them. It does not mean that they are not important and you can switch it just to some messenger. But it is just another different workflow with your team and customers when you use a messenger. Chatting with your mates will always take you a lot of time so you should use time savers as Slack to make it easier. Let’s divide your chats according to topics or groups of people and add them just to the channels that they really need. It is also easy to share files and browse through your chats when you are trying to find something older. So do not waste your time on Facebook messenger or WhatsApp.

Zoom Video Calls – the best of time savers for meetings

As we can see, traveling is more difficult and more expensive. It also takes you more time because of the traffic situation. Imagine that you can have six meetings during the day and you do not have to leave your office. What do you need to have if you want to meet with people virtually? A good internet, a high-resolution camera, a pair of headphones with a microphone, and perfect software for video calls. Zoom is the one you should use. This app gives you high-quality secured calls, options to share your screen, and have a chat when you are calling somebody. It also works perfectly with group calls. So let’s get another one of the best time savers you can use today.

Revolut Banking

Revolut combines bank, exchange office, cryptocurrencies, investing, and savings into one. So if you like to travel or send money and do not want to overpay on transfer rates, this is an ideal bank for you as well. It was founded in London by Nikolay Storonsky and Vlad Yatsenko, who brought a service for travelers as created.

Wally Spending Tracker

OK, this one is really important. Wally spending tracker monitors your spending. You can also easily divide your spending into categories. This smart app does not give you just an overview of your spending behavior, it is an option for how you can save more money and earn some extra by investing.

Babell – learn a new language without teacher

When I have decided move to Spain, I was pretty sure I need to speak Spanish. Babbel helped me a lot. This language app offers all teaching methods – reading, writing, listening, and speaking.
If you want to learn the language on the go or also in places where you do not have an internet connection, you will undoubtedly benefit from the possibility of using the course offline. Babbel offers this option as one of the few compared. But what he lacks are specialized courses on professional topics.

Productive app Time Saver

Productive app helps you to keep and check your daily habits. You can choose time fore a reminder and how often do you want to do the task. Productive app is totally customisable. It also keeps you motivated and help you to get your new habit to be your daily routine. hg

Yoga Studio App

There is no doubt that yoga can have an excellent effect on your physical and mental state. Yoga Studio App is one of the leading applications which offers plenty of options to exercise and offers rich programs for beginners and advanced.


I hope these time savers will help you save at least one hour per day. So you can profit from software and go out for a walk or spend some time with your family. This is really up to you.

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