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Are you a retailer or do you want to sell your products to others? Nowadays selling on the internet has become something that every entrepreneur should consider for their business. If you are considering the idea of implementing your local shop into the online world, today we will show you how to sell online stuff with the platform Faire.

Online marketplace

Faire is an online wholesale marketplace formed in America, that connects product companies with stores. The company helps retailers find and buy unique wholesale merchandise for their stores. Faire does a lot of networking and they curate an environment for retailers by choosing the best quality products to offer them to sell online.

How does it work?

In Faire you have 2 choices:

  1. Sign up to shop online stuff for your bussiness
  2. Apply as a brand to sell your products

The first choice is good for retailers, as allows you to search for new products to sell in your shop. Faire asks you about a few factors for start selling in your business like the type, size, location, and also your payment history and financial information.

You can choose between 60 products (terms) to empower you to buy and sell them without having to pay upfront. Therefore, there’s no fee for paying with terms, and there’s no penalty for using your entire terms limit. As you pay off invoices, those amounts are returned to your available net 60 terms, so you can place more orders.

The second choice allows you to sell your stuff online and even create a shop page for your business. As simple as that, you just need to send them your line sheet and photos of the products and they will create your shop page for review.

It works the same as with retailers, 60 days terms for products, they take care of all credit card and payment processing so you will get paid out on time. In terms of selling there’s never any cost when you use Faire with your existing customers, you’ll just have to pay commission on new accounts who find your brand through their marketplace—25% on opening orders, 15% on reorders.

About the shipping rates, there are 2 options: Print off the pre-paid shipping label and they pick it up right from your portal. And the second one, you can ship on your own and they will reimburse you for the shipping costs. If you are not in the U.S. then you can have just the option of ship it yourself and getting reimbursed in your final order payout. And about the returns, they cover all the cost and they distribute the products to other Faire retailers via sales or handle donating or disposing of items that can’t be resold. 

What can you sell online?

If you are wondering what kind of stuff you could sell in your shop, don’t worry as there are many options to choose from Home Decor, Food & Drinks, Accessories and products made for women, Beauty and Wellness, Jewellery, Kids, Pets and Man.

There is also an option for Trending Collections, as well as Community and the countries around the world where the products have been made. Plus the chance to offer it as “Not on Amazon” which basically makes it more unique.

They believe in empowering independent entrepreneurs to chase their dreams. That’s why it counts with more than 250,000 independent brands from around the world (Europe, US, Canada and UK).

Philosofy of the company

Faire has offices around the world and there are people to help you grow your business online. The main reason of the founder, Max Rhodes, was to change the way that the wholesale process occurs. There is a serious need to streamline the process for both retailers and makers. It does a lot of networking and they curate an environment for retailers by choosing the best quality products to offer them to sell.


“We believe the future of retail is local

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