If you have a youtube channel, you should know that a good youtube thumbnail is a key factor to make your video stand out and get views. Luckily, in this article, you’ll learn everything you need to become an expert at making a video thumbnail for YouTube.

What is exactly a Youtube thumbnail?

It seems pretty simple but knowing what is a thumbnail for youtube and why is it needed, can help us in many ways to get more visits to our channel. A youtube thumbnail is basically a reduced-size version of an image.

The thumbnail is the first thing you see when you’re deciding about to content to watch. And the YouTube thumbnails are small clickable images that any visitor can click on to watch any of the videos that appear on the list. Having a good thumbnail can make a difference because it will make the visitor curious about the video that’s about to watch.

How to create the best one

There are three basic rules that miniatures must respect:

· They must represent the content of the video.
· They must convey enough emotion for the user to want to click.
· They should be eye-catching enough to stand out from other miniatures.

Use expressions

Humans expressions are a catchy image as you can feel related with it. If your thumbnail contains a person making eye contact, it will make people turn to see it more easily. Zooming in on a face makes a thumbnail much more attractive.

Use text for your thumbnail on Youtube

Even if it says exactly the same of your title, using text in the thumbnail will reinforce the content of the video and make it more memorable. Use three to four words and write it using a thick, legible typeface.

Showy colors

Using a good palette of colours will make your image contrast in comparison to the white background that is generally used on internet pages. It will also attract more attention and the user will turn to see it.

Platforms to create a thumbnail for Youtube

There are a few platforms out there where you can create thumbnails for youtube, check out the list:


Crello is a platform that offers multiple templates for anything you need. It has VistaCreate which is a graphic and video design tool that helps everyone create professional-looking designs in just a few clicks using designer ready-made templates or create designs from scratch using multiple design tools and features.

With this platform, you can create attractive thumbnails by combining a multitude of designs, photos, backgrounds, text, and objects together.


Pickmaker is also such a good and free platform that allows you to create funny and creative thumbnail for youtube. You can search for YouTube thumbnails in the search bar. Or, use a custom file to start from scratch. The good thing about it is that it has always new ones for every season or party, like in Halloween, Xmas..etc

Then you just have to pick up one and start customizing it. Choose from millions of royalty-free images that we’ve got for you so you can make awesome thumbnails!


If you don’t know it yet, Canva is a graphic design tool founded in 2012 that offers you online templates to create your own designs. It has an attractive, intuitive and easy-to-use interface, as well as a great variety: 8,000 templates with which to form more than 100 types of design: from flyers, to thumbnail for youtube and infographics to images for networks, emails and posters.

Once you’re signed in, you should be at the main dashboard. From there, click on the Create a Design button at the left. You can choose “YouTube Thumbnail.” You can see at left a long list of themed templates you can use as starting points covering common themes like travel, beauty, how-to guides, food, and music. Then you can start creating and editing your thumbnail.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark lets you select from thousands of photos on the web and a variety of built-in themes with your own unique layouts, colours, and fonts to create eye-catching thumbnail for youtube. It is for free and you can search by platform, task, aesthetic, mood, or colour to have anything that inspires you!

As you can see there are many ways to create the perfect thumbnail for YouTube and it’s pretty simple, we hope we helped you to get more visitors to your channel!

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