If you are a person who is interested in what is happening worldwide and you want to know global information here you have some useful webs that can give you a picture of today’s world. It is always good to know at least how it goes in another country or in a different hemisphere. So here you have a list of our pics of useful webs. All these links should give a good picture of all countries around the world, quality of life, economic situation, etc. So keep them in your mind.

What is the freest country?

This should tell you THE HERITAGE INDEX. This is an index of economic freedom whit tells you the overall score of all countries on our planet. The score is completed by criteria as is government debt, economic freedom, labor freedom, property rights, tax burden, judicial effectiveness, etc. The best is that you can see all data here on the interactive heat map. It shows you a perfect picture and helps you decide where to move, where to start your business or where you should not invest. But you do not have to be an entrepreneur to benefit from this useful web.

The best place to work from

When we are talking about useful webs, this is the one that is the most useful web for all people that are working remotely. When I find the website a couple of years ago, I was so happy and grateful for this masterpiece. It helped me a lot with my decisions on where should I invest where should I move and where should I create my companies. On the Nomad List website is all types of information you need when you are going on your journey or vacation or you are considering relocation. This useful web collects all information about popular cities around the world and gives you a perfect picture about the cost of living for locals and travelers, what is the weather, how is medical healthcare and people there, etc. At first, it was fully free, but now you need to pay a little bit of money to see all data. But it is totally worth it. With your membership comes also access to the biggest community of remote workers, freelancers, and digital nomads. The creator is a young Dutch entrepreneur who created also other successful startups on the online scene such as a website for remote jobs – check it here. If you are working remotely or just travel a lot you should check our article about travel gadgets for digital nomads.

Search flights with flexible dates

The sky is not so occupied by planes at this time. It means that is harder to find the right connection flight and it brings also other problems. So if you want to search for flights with flexible dates or you just want to find the cheapest option for your journey on an airplane, you should definitely check this website. Kiwi.com gives you the best option according to your filters, and it is a safe way how you can book your flight. So this is another of the really useful webs you should think about.

When you need to rent a car

Even backpackers sometimes need a car rental. The cheapest option to rent a car is not always the right choice. Try SIXT car rental platform. It is easy to use and you can even find a car-sharing option on their website. And their cars are in good condition.

Useful webs – Conclusion

So this is my list of useful webs you should know. I hope it helps you with your decisions on your journeys or even gives you an idea of where is good to live. At least you can see how are things in other parts of the world.

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