What VPN is best and can offer you the most?

The importance of using a VPN is often overlooked. Many people even don’t know what a VPN does, so what is so special about using a VPN? What choices do you have? VPN provider hides your IP address so that you can use the internet safely, without any worries about hackers, scammers, or any security threat. The provider keeps you safe while surfing the internet and hides your internet usage from your internet provider. So any sensitive pieces of information like your credit card number or social information are kept a secret. 

These measures can be achieved through encrypted connections and servers throughout the world. Different VPN providers can also help with streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, and others to watch shows from other countries. 

Our top 3 of best VPN providers are according to price, internet speed, country selection, and security measures. 

What VPN is best?


ExpressVPN is one of the favorite VPN providers, thanks to the country selection, encrypted and safe connections. It also works very well with streaming services, so you will not miss any essential new shows.

The selection of the countries is also excellent, with 94 countries. They also have the most servers of all VPN providers.

The download and upload speed are not as good as the other VPN services, but it does the job well, and even streaming services work with no problem. You can connect through a list of countries or simply by choosing the country on the world map. In both cases, you will be connected to the fastest server that is available. 

Speed, reliability, and many available servers in 94 countries worldwide, with 256-bit encryption, unlimited speed, bandwidth, and server switches, make it a top provider. It does not record online user activity at all, and it is straightforward to use, it is fully compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Routers, and Linux, it is suitable for streaming, it can unblock a wide range of websites and services, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Gmail. It allows you to browse geographically limited websites such as BBC iPlayer, Spotify, Hulu, Netflix, and more. But the service is quite expensive, you can however save a bit if you buy an annual license. You will get a 35% discount compared to a monthly membership. It can also be considered an advantage that they provide a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • easy to use, along with setup
  • The biggest number of servers can mean higher speeds sometimes than other alternatives
  • The ability to install VPN into your internet router, so all your data are kept secure without any worries to connecting all the time


NordVPN Interface

NordVPN is the second most popular VPN provider. Nord has the fastest internet speeds if connected through the VPN. As well as the ExpressVPN, the country selection is massive, but you have fewer countries to choose from. They have a no-log policy, which means that all your browsing data are anonymous for maximum security while connected. 

NordVPN servers are located in 58 countries worldwide and support a variety of configurations for encryption and specific uses, such as file sharing and media streaming. You can have a primary VPN connection with effective encryption options. You can connect to a Double VPN server for greater security, where traffic is routed through two servers and encrypted with two layers of encryption. NordVPN provides applications for Apple and Android, as well as Windows and Mac OS X.


  • secure option – double encryption 
  • 30-day money-back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction


SurfSharkVPN Interface

Controlling Surfshark is smooth. The application has a clean, user-friendly layout and is suitable for complete beginners, but with enough extra options for more demanding users. It offers an app on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. You don’t have to learn different things on different devices.

The application is available in many languages to choose from.

What you will appreciate most is that the advanced settings and function menu include a brief description of each option, explaining what each function/setting does. Another good thing is storing your favorite servers for easier access in the future.

But there are also things that Surfshark could improve. For example, the automatic connection function – I often had a higher speed when I chose the server manually. I would also welcome a list of P2P servers (with MultiHop and static servers) to select a server for torrents easier.

On Windows and Android, you can search for information about specific servers (such as loading time and response time), which is helpful because then you can choose the fastest server available. To know this information, you have to disconnect from the VPN.


  • Most secure connection – even SurfShark doesn’t know what you are doing online (they don’t keep logs)
  • Kill switch – if your VPN loses connection, the internet will also stop keeping your IP address and personal information secure.

Conclusion on VPN providers

If you choose any of these 3 on our list, you will be satisfied with every choice. If you are a user, who likes privacy and is aware of the internets sensitivity, then you should go for SurfSharkVPN. The choice is up to you, but these 3 are most superior of all VPN providers, each in their own way.

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