Positions for working at home

What type of work positions are more likely to resist the coronavirus crisis? The health crisis has had a significant impact on most people around the world. Positions for working at home have been highly affected by the current situation.

From the start of the crisis, the government offered to businesses different kinds of support systems. As an attempt to avoid massive layoffs, many employers have introduced partial unemployment in most countries.

And now, with the spread of coronavirus, the demand for remote work has increased. This caused a big wave of hiring in specific sectors. Many companies are urgently looking for professionals who can manage infrastructure projects, data security, and technical support platforms. Here there are some of the most benefited work positions during the coronavirus crisis:

Security Analyst

This position for working at home is responsible for analyzing cyber-attacks, planning, and executing actions to contain and recover affected areas. The profession requires to know the basics for security solutions, operating systems, databases, and networks. The applicant has to use several software, including programs designed to encrypt and protect data, to increase and strengthen digital data security.

Security Leader

This position for working at home acts as the leader and must be responsible for controlling information security and cybersecurity, understanding the company’s needs, and implementing security actions and policies. The main focus is to ensure that tools, strategies, and methodologies are applied to protect the company’s sensitive data and information. The profession requires a technological background, in addition to studies and knowledge of governance policies, information security management, risks, and auditing.

Support and Service Desk Analyst

This position for working at home is responsible for managing requests, problems, changes, analyzing calls, performing tests, and identifying problem solutions. Besides that, the employee must install and assist the companies’ operating and technical systems. Among the required capacities, technological, infrastructure, and network knowledge are fundamental for this position.

Infrastructure and Networks Analyst / Specialist

In this case, this position for working at home is responsible for providing full support and ensuring the functioning of the software systems and the company’s entire network infrastructure, including servers and project databases. The experience required for the position requires knowledge of data network operations, in addition to managing infrastructures. Some companies may require expertise in implementing projects and certifications.

Leader in Data Science

The applicant for this position must focus on data science and data engineering to propose insights and information to define business strategies for directing company decisions. The position requires academic training in exact courses, such as Mathematics, Statistics, and Physics. Moreover, experience with BI, Analytics, and Data Engineering is also required. In any case, there are many other remote positions beside the information technology positions. Check some of them right here. And If you are planning to start working remotely in any of the previously mentioned positions, this article may be helpful for you.

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