Working from home tips for your office

Working from home, tips that will help you setup your desk. Thanks to the pandemic situation, working from home has been an increasingly common form of cooperation between employees and employers in recent days. But creating a quality work environment in your home is not easy. If you are new to home office, focus on three items when furnishing your workspace – a quality chair, a suitable table, and plenty of storage space.

Working from home tips:


If you now spend dozens of hours a week at your home desk, don’t underestimate your choice of chair. This is critical not only for your work efficiency but also for your health. In general, the more time you spend in front of the computer, the better your chair should be. Your chair should have a sufficiently high backrest, should be height-adjustable, and must have sufficient support of the lumbar (lower back) to save your torso and spine. When sitting for several hours, you will also appreciate the rocking mechanism, which prevents the body from staying in one rigid position for a longer time, as well as a chair that can spin or rotate, so you don’t have to crane your neck when you need to face another direction. Adjustable armrests are also a nice bonus. Situate them so that your forearms and upper arms are at a 90° angle when working with your computer.

Desk (or Table)

There are plenty of working tables and desks on the market, and it’s up to you which style is most suitable to you. Most often you must bow to the space and dimensions of your office. However, the rule of thumb for table height is that the worktop should be about 74 centimeters above the ground. As for the size of the work table, in general, it can be said that the minimum dimensions of the tabletop should be 120×80 cm. If you have enough space, choose larger L-shaped tables. Although it takes up a bit more space, you have everything at hand. However, suppose you only work with a desktop computer or laptop, for example. In that case, there are various types of elongated desks, or classic PC desks, which are ergonomically designed specifically for computer users and provide a suitable place for accessories, including space for a computer case, keyboard, and monitor. One recent boom which has gained many admirers is the availability of electrically adjustable tables where you can both sit and stand.  There are even additions which allow you to walk on a treadmill while you work, or burn some energy on floor-mounted bike pedals.  In addition to the length of the worktop, do not underestimate the thickness. The more massive the table, the stronger and more durable it will be. That are a useful working from home tips for your desk setup.

Storage space

If you don’t have a huge room to fit a vast table, you’ll probably have to come up with other options for storage. The solution could be various types of shelving cabinets and shelves, with the most popular being the hanging ones, which solve problems with lack of space on the desk very well. Also, think carefully about what you will store where. For example, if you need space for a printer and other extensive accessories, acquire a quality cabinet or chest of drawers. You can also use glass showcases, in which you can immediately see what you have stored where. If you work with confidential documents, choose furniture with a lock. That way there is no danger, for example, that your children might play with important papers or contracts.

Bonus for working from home tips: Other accessories that can make your work easier

Chairs, a table, and ample storage space are things you can’t do without when working from home. But several other items can make your work more pleasant and more effortless. These might be, for example, a magnetic board, thanks to which you can better organize your thoughts. Especially in the winter months, when it may get dark early, you will also appreciate the modern LED lamps, saving your eyesight. A massage footrest can again come in handy, which prevents unpleasant swelling of the lower limbs.

Make it comfortable, and you will be more efficient

Home office may not be everyone’s cup of tea, so it is essential to create a comfortable work environment. Don’t be afraid to put things you love in your workroom. Put a family photo on the table. If music helps you, play it in the background. Have plants in the room where you can see them, and where they can help improve the oxygen in the room.  For your work to be optimally effective, we’ll close with a few more tips that have worked for us – take regular breaks, maintain regular contact with colleagues, tick off your tasks, and don’t forget to have enough light! Hope you find our working from home tips useful and inspirational.

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