Pomodoro Technique Studying

What is the Pomodoro technique? The goal of the Pomodoro technique is to divide the time spent working and resting so that we stay focused for as long as possible. The advantage of this method is a high level of concentration during the performance of the task and alleviation of the feeling of fatigue, which often grows into apathy for the work performed.

A time-management practical tool measures time based on 25-minute sections, called Pomodoro. Individual time intervals record a special tomato timer. A 5-minute break follows each completed tomato.

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Pomodoro Technique Studying

The effectiveness of this method lies in the fact that during the flow of the tomato, you are allowed to think of only one task to which you pay the most attention. If someone or something interrupts you during a work placement, it is considered invalid, and you start over. After four Pomodoro sectors, you should take a long pause. During this half-hour, you can stretch or breathe in the fresh air.

Just as work should be intense, you even should be well-rested. It is not recommended to relax by spending time on social media networks or watching television. Ideally, it would be best if you tried to turn off or close your eyes for a few minutes and try not to think about anything. For example, you can exchange a few words with your colleagues or run for coffee or a drink if you are at work.

Francesco Cirillo – the Founder of the Pomodoro technique studying

At the end of the 1980s, student Francesco Cirillo came up with a method in which he could work more effectively with his time and at the same time deliver better results.

Francesco Cirillo studied business at the University of Guido Carli International University in Rome, Italy, in the 1990s. During his studies, he discovered the power of fixed periods of time and varying degrees of productivity. He had difficulty concentrating, so he initially tried 10-minute sections followed by breaks.

He concluded that 25-minute time slots were the most productive during his experimentation. He verified this knowledge during his studies and while working at a European bank, where he worked as a software developer.

25-minute stretches are best because they allow you to maximize work effort while minimizing disruption. Since 2010, it has been helping companies, start-ups, and individuals with the teaching and application of Pomodoro technology. Thanks to Francesco, you can start studying the pomodoro technique to improve your workflow as well.

Francesco Cirillo owns the consulting company Cirillo Consulting based in Berlin.

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How do you know it is Pomodoro effective?

Do you want to make your time using Pomodoro more efficient? The Pomodoro technique studying works thanks to recording the number of pomodoros you have spent on each activity for a few days. Once you have a clear overview of the amount of Pomodoro for each activity, you can try to make your work more efficient. First and foremost, you need to reduce time-consuming tasks or figure out a way to handle the same amount of work a little faster.

A retrospective is also an essential component of planning. It gives you an overview of what you have achieved so far and what you could do better next time. For example, suppose you know you have to do many things in the morning before you go to work. In that case, you can do some of the homework in the evening or at least prepare the clothes and things you want to take with you. If you manage to get to work the next day without delay, you have achieved your goal. Therefore your time management strategy works.

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Procedure and principles of Pomodoro technique

  1. It is crucial to determine the task we want to accomplish at the outset. The next step to success is to detach yourself from distractions (telephone, television, social networks) for a while and devote yourself entirely to activities.
  2. Let’s set a minute. It is traditionally used for 25 minutes, but this is not the rule. It is not harmful to try a shorter interval to start with. It can be challenging to concentrate on 100% for a long time, getting tired faster.
  3. You are working on the task while the timer is running. Suppose you are interrupted by an idea unrelated to the job. In that case, you write it down next to a piece of paper and immediately return to our work.
  4. After the timer rings, we will make a mark on the paper with ideas to separate one cycle.
  5. If you have immediately executable tasks or ideas on paper worth thinking about, you will get to it, but our break lasts only 5 minutes. For example, if it lasts for 15 minutes, the whole technique loses its meaning. Then we go back to the beginning and work for another 25 minutes.
  6. After four cycles, it’s time for a well-deserved rest. A break of 15-30 minutes will give us time to complete small tasks or ideas from our notepaper, and we can continue again.
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  • Better time management.
  • One finds out how much work can be done in a relatively short time if one focuses on the task.
  • The task is done in tolerable portions. Nothing less than half an hour is unattainable.
  • Short work periods and breaks keep us mentally alert.
  • Improves and prolongs the concentration per activity.
  • Increases motivation to complete the task.


  • It is difficult for an untrained brain to concentrate for more than 15 minutes. Hence, after the first test, the method is dissuasive for some individuals, so a firm will is needed.
  • It is not possible to complete every task that comes to mind. Some are more time-consuming, and it is not possible to take breaks.
  • Not everyone can disengage from the surrounding distractions.

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