Entertain Children While being home: 5 Tips

School is definitely not the only place where children can learn something. Where else do they have another great opportunity to do so? Home! Simple daily tasks and activities can definitely broaden their horizons and help them improve their skills. Thanks to this, you can enjoy the time you spend together, and at the same time you can be sure that your child is preparing in small steps for what awaits them later in life. Today we bring you five tips on how to entertain your child and at the same time teach them something when you are spending more time at home with them. You don’t need a classroom for that! 

1. Set a “task of the day” to entertain children

You can easily add a touch of the extraordinary to everyday household responsibilities – start every morning by announcing a “task of the day”: for example, putting away clean laundry, making sandwiches for a snack, straightening pillows on a sofa in the living room or making all the beds in the house. Before the child begins helping you, explain why you want their help and  describe exactly what you would like them to do. And when they finish the job, a reward should follow. They will have fun helping you with something and will also know that their efforts have been appreciated. 

2. Children will always appreciate reading together   

It is never too early to arouse children’s interest in reading. Regular reading expands your child’s vocabulary and improves their communication skills. Lead by example and show your child that reading is important – set up designated reading times at home and let them see you reading for yourself. Create a stimulating atmosphere at home with books and magazines in different places. If your child is still too young to read on their own, you can spend 20 minutes reading stories or fairy tales to them every day. Choose colorful and interesting topics and read about them with gusto. 

3. Cook or bake together as a children entertainment

Turn the kitchen into a science lab! It is the most nutritious and delicious way to put a little bit of fun knowledge into children through Entertaining. Have the child weigh and measure the individual ingredients (if they are big enough); ask them to stir, sift, or add ingredients to the pan;  explain what happens when you boil water, stir in sauce or bake a cake in the oven. Baking pizza together can be real fun for everyone! Everyone does something: children can roll out the dough or lay it out and garnish it with chopped vegetables and then watch what happens to it all in the oven. 

4. Children will also enjoy word games

Word games are a lot of fun, but you can also learn a lot. Not only will your child be entertained, but the games will also develop their mind. Scrabble and Boggle, for example, are popular in families – literally anyone sitting at a table can play. New words can be learned by children, for example, by playing Scrable. The question game “Guess what I think” is also very popular. If you want to teach your child a foreign language, be sure to try Bingo: you can easily create a board on paper with a ruler and colored markers. You can get rid of flash cards and at the same time expand your child’s vocabulary with the help of games like these. 

5. Get creative and create something together 

Making crafts doesn’t always mean creating clutter in your home… but be prepared, because it may! Nevertheless, it will definitely be a lot of fun and at the same time a wonderful opportunity for children to let their imagination work at full speed. The best (and simplest) home projects include salt dough pieces. Flour, water and salt will suffice to make this easy dough. It’s completely safe for your child and you always have these three ingredients on hand. Help your child create flowers, figures or animals. You can also mix food coloring into the dough or color the pieces together with watercolors after removing them from the oven.

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