Good saving apps for mobile phones.

Time is one of if not the most precious resource we have and companies nowadays are fighting for our attention, both online and offline. Nonetheless, there is a number of ways you can eliminate repetitive tasks and organize information in such ways that help you win back some of that time. Take a look at our top 10 list of good saving apps for mobile phones.

1. WAZE – One of the best good saving apps

Waze is a crowd-sourced navigation app that helps you avoid traffic jams, roadwork and other obstacles standing in your way of reaching the desired destination faster. With 140+ million users you are able to find the most recent information as well as add your own input to help others. 

2.Grammarly – Good saving app

Writing a lot? Whether for work or leisure, Grammarly points out any spelling, grammar or punctuations errors you have made, and helps you save time correcting them. With a premium version, you are even able to get recommendations for tone, clarity, plagiarism and more, such a good savings app.

3.Pocket – Saving app

Pocket is a perfect saving app to anyone who enjoys scrolling through multiple media sources, but does not have time to read it. You are able to save industry news, and read them later on when you have more time during commute or back home on the couch. 


Ever heard of Pomodoro Effect? It’s a work method is based on working in 25 to 55 minute sprints separated by a short break. Since human brain can only focus actively for a limited amount of time, Pomofocus is a good saving app that helps you maximize that attention span.


Signing and adjusting contracts can take quite a while, hence, DocuSign created a digital signature and document management tool which makes the entire process of creating, distributing and signing documents extremely efficient.

6. Scanner Pro for saving time

As the name entails, Scanner Pro is a quick way to scan documents in high quality and share them with respective parties. Whether it is a copy of a document at work, health certificate or purchase receipt, you are able to make digital copies of it within seconds. Such a good app to save time!

7.Microsoft To Do

Microsoft To Do is one of the most simple and efficient tools to help you save time and manage the tasks that lay ahead of you. Being able to stay on top of the tasks in an organized manner is one of the best habits you can have when trying to become more efficient and such to-do apps can help you achieve it. 

8.RescueTime for saving time.

Need help to stay more focused, productive and motivated? RescueTime will track the amount of time you spend on certain URLs and will give you a detailed overview of how you spent your time in front of the screen.

9.Buffer- good saving app

If you work with Social Media, Buffer is one of many tools that can help you have a better overview of all tasks related to SoMe: scheduling posts, responding to comments and messages, creating reports. Perfect for saving time on posting. There is a number of plans to choose from depending on the level of your involvement. 


Trello is a well-known software used by millions of people both, professionally and personally. You can create multiple boards depending on the projects you are working on, create to-do lists, invite people to collaborate, make comments and share content. Overall, a powerful tool for saving apps.

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