How to Make Money on OnlyFans as a Guy or Girl

OnlyFans is an internet platform that was released in 2016. However, it gained the most popular during the first pandemic wave at the beginning of 2020. It is best known for its pornographic content, which its fans pay for. Anyone who creates a profile on OnlyFans and starts creating content can get the money. We will tell you how to make money on OnlyFans as a guy.

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Best Ways How to Make Money on OnlyFans as a Guy or Girl

Even if everyone thinks of pornographic content when someone mentions OnlyFans, there are more ways to make money on OnlyFans. Models, YouTubers, influencers, chefs, and musicians can work here. In essence, you can offer anything your fans might like and would be willing to pay for it. During the first wave of the pandemic, for many, this social network became the only possible income that subsequently became full-time.

Even though you can make a living at OnlyFans with something other than eroticism, it is clear that it still prevails. In contrast to classic pornographic sites, you have the opportunity to support a specific creator directly, get in touch with him via messages and tell him your wishes (which he may or may not satisfy). It is a much more personal form for fans of this category, making this platform enjoyable.

On the other hand, it is beneficial for the creators to set the rules themselves and start working on something you can manage in your time. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have to do anything for money – You need to take this job seriously to make a living out of OnlyFans. The fan base is crucial, and you can’t make anything without your fans’ support. There are a lot of creators nowadays, and bringing something new that interests people does not have to be such an easy task.

But if you are looking for how to Make Money on OnlyFans as a Guy, there are other spheres you can choose instead of porn. It’s an easy way to make money with something you create without looking for fans to pay you – they’ll find you here. So whatever idea you have, give it a try. Any censorship won’t limit you, which may be relevant more in the future, thanks to the censorship on YouTube.

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How OnlyFans work in terms of earning profits

When you have an idea invented, what follows to make it happen? First of all, you will create a profile. You can register via email or social networks such as Twitter or Google. You will need to verify your identity by taking your ID (you must be over 18 years old to register) and add your bank details to receive payments. Then you start with your creating and making money on the internet!

You can choose how much your content is worth, with limits of a minimum being $ 4.99 and a maximum of $ 49.99 to keep earnings fair and equal for all creators. There is also a Tipping system, where fans can send a tip to a particular creator if they like their content. In the case of a large fan base, you can make good money every month. In 2020, former actress and singer Bella Thorne managed to earn $1 million in a single day, making her the most successful earner on OnlyFans.

The whole platform is free for creators, and they only take 20% of the total earnings, which is a fair price. You can choose ways to get the payout from OnlyFans after earning more than $20. Payment can be made weekly, monthly, or on request. If your goal is to make a lot of money, focus on quality content, and create something unique. Try to do something new, exciting, and original. That is the only way to get a lot of followers/fans.

By the end of 2021, OnlyFans talked about the possible ban on posting sexually-explicit posts, but this did not happen. You will still find this type of content here, and often they are earning a lot of money from doing their job. They are afraid of nudity and believe that even this work should be considered standard because there is nothing to be ashamed of. So if you opt for this platform, you probably expect surprised reactions about the site. Even if you do not create any erotic content, OnlyFans will always be remembered as prepaid porn.

How to earn a fan base?

Be original and distinctive while paying attention to quality and regular content. Take care of your fans, and communicate with them. Set your prices so you won’t be too cheap or expensive. Let people know about you through other social networks!

Now you know how to start making money on OnlyFans and what opportunities it offers. It is a simple form of (with) earnings without restrictions. So whatever idea you have, you can start realization on OnlyFans.

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